Welcome to the TechWorks Industry Summit 2021

The UK economy and technology industry has undergone dramatic change as a result of Brexit and the Covid-19 Pandemic. The aim of the summit is to share the success and achievements of TechWorks in the last 12 months showcasing how we have risen to the challenges to support our member during these difficult times and to look forward to the opportunities that the Deep Tech sector offers us and how we plan to leverage these by forming new collaborative networks to further the ‘Deep Tech’ industry in the UK.

Outline Agenda

Buffet Lunch
Industry Summit


We are building a great selection of speakers for our industry summit this year. We will be updating this list regularly so please remember to come back and check

Click on the images below for more details about who they are and what they will be discussing

Alan Banks

 CEO, TechWorks

Dr Stephen Pattison

VP Public Affairs, arm

Jim Nicholas

CEO, Uniphy

John Moor

Managing Director, IoTSF

Sir Hossein Yassaie

TechWorks Chairman

Stewart Edmondson


Dr Penny Owen

Commercial Director, NPL

Videos from the TechWorks Summit 2019

While we are building our speakers for 2021, view our presentations from last years event.

Hover on the video and use the scroll arrows to select a video.

  • Alan Banks , CEO of TechWorks

    Alan introduces the 2019 Summit

  • Dr Stephen Lambert (AESIN Chairman) and Paul Jarvie (AESIN Director)

    Update on the current projects and a recap of the years activities from AESIN.

  • Leesa Kingman (Director of PEUK and NMI ESD) & Alan BankS (CEO of TechWorks)

    Leesa and Alan discuss the TechWorks STEM Diversity Alliance

  • Sir Hossein Yassaie, Chairman of TechWorks

    Sir Hossein discusses his views on the past years activities and the future of the UK electronics industry

  • Stew Edmonson (CEO of UKESF)

    Stew introduces a new promotional video from UKESF and recaps the UKESF activities in 2019

  • John Moor (MD of IoTSF) and Dr Stephen Pattison (Chairman of IoTSF)

    John summarises the work of the IoT Security Foundation over the last year with input from Stephen

  • Chris Bennett (NMI Manufacturing) and Leesa Kingman (NMI Design/Power Electronics UK)

    Chris and Leesa summarise the activities within their groups in the past year.

  • Alan Banks (CEO of TechWorks)

    Alan talks about the Deep Tech opportunities and alignment to UK government strategies.

  • Dr Bashir Al-Hashimi (University of Southampton)

    Presentation : “Engineering AI Systems. Too important to leave to chance”

  • Jim Nicholas (Uniphy)

    Presentation 1 : “Diversity, outliers and engineers”

  • Jim Nicholas (Uniphy)

    Presentation 2 : “Leadership in Advancing User Experience: A TechWorks Initiative”

  • Penny Owen (NPL)

    Presentation : “NPL and medicine : How the NPL and measurment impact on science”

  • Tony King-Smith (TKS Partnerships/elecTECH)

    Presentation : “elecTech : The next phase begins”