The AESIN Innovation Award

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    In today’s intensely competitive Automotive market, it is absolutely essential that new innovative products enable end user requirements of functionality and safety within a tight window of market opportunity while meeting exceptionally high quality and reliability standards.

    Award Criteria

    This Award recognises new and innovative thinking and demonstrable success in:

    • Exploiting a new and innovative technology
    • Building strong links and approach to understand how the innovation meets the end user and market requirement
    • Understanding the quality and reliability requirements and translating these into a robust qualification plan
    • Delivery of the product on time achieving the expected field quality levels

    The Award will therefore recognise the development of a product delivering the highest levels of customer satisfaction, quality and reliability through clear demonstration of best practice in product creation/innovation and qualification.

    Supportive information should illustrate the following key points:

    • Technology innovation summary
    • Defined approach to understanding the market/user requirements
    • Evidence of integration of quality & reliability into the product development cycle
    • Evidence of outstanding delivery, performance and reliability in the field.

    Application Tips

    The entry should be clear – It is better to give one example in detail and list others than attempt to cover too many topics in too much detail.

    Give a background – The judges will not necessarily know about your sector or business, so a brief summary of these will help them place you in context. This might include size, turnover, recent issues in the sector, nature of business and so on.

    State the challenges – All applications really consist of a challenge or series of challenges that have successfully been met.

    Tell the story – Once the challenges are identified, you need to tell the judges how you met or overcame them. This is the most important part of the entry, it explains the actions, the issues and the reason that this is a potential winning entry.

    Use results – Judges look for evidence in success and innovation, this can be demonstrated in a number of ways but simple facts and figures often tell the story best.

    Summarise and make the case why should you win? This is the point to say and not be shy!

    Write your entries before submitting them – Write your entries offline, so that you have a permanent record of them. It will then take just a few minutes to submit them through our easy-to-use online submission system

    Who can apply?

    Open to any Electronics company based in and/or operates from UK/Ireland whose final product is Chip (I.C.), sub-Module or full System.

    Online Application Form

    The intent of the application process is to acquire sufficient evidence without being burdensome or overly bureaucratic to both applicants and judges. Award candidates are therefore encouraged to provide clear and concise information that is distinctly relevant to the award so that judges are not placed in a position of subjective interpretation.

    Where you have worked as part of a team be sure to make it clear in the application how your achievements have been made – judges will not be able to make decisions on inconclusive evidence and will naturally frown upon information interpreted as misleading – therefore, if you worked as part of a team be explicit about what you have done and what was contributed by the team.

    All accompanying information should be accurate at the time the application is submitted and should be unlikely to change adversely in a negative capacity in relation to the award before the end of the calendar year.

    By submitting an application you confirm that you meet the eligibility criteria set out above.